When I finish school.
What I have more money.
When the kids are older.
When I have less debt.
When I find the right guy/girl.
When I finally get to the right place in my career.

We all have various rationalizations for when the "right" day will come to get started with changes we want to see in our lives. I am beginning to learn that I have been rationalizing my whole life. I hear statements like this from friends, family, students and coworkers on an almost daily basis. I am all for honesty, so let's be honest - what we are really saying is we don't want it bad enough to make it happen right now.

The days we have been granted on this Earth are numbered and finite. Time isn't waiting for you to find the right relationship or get "financially stable" (whatever that means). Time Marches On, and, if you have goals in mind for your life, you had better be marching, too.

I have long been saying I would do things when I finally finished graduate school or when I had more money or when my back felt better. The waiting is over. I am now proactively doing things to save money and taking steps to reduce my weight and improve my core strength so that my back doesn't hurt as bad. No more excuses...because let's all be honest. They are not reasons, justifications or rationalizations, they are excuses.
I will step off my soap box now because I have goals I need to go make happen.