My anniversary

Today is my anniversary: I have been with Oregon State one year.

That is almost hard for me to believe. Last summer was a gut-wrenching mix of graduating, getting a job, leaving friends, moving cross-country, starting a new job, and beginning the process of settling in.

This year is vastly different. I have renewed my lease for another year. I have created a workout and diet routine that are working for me and I am down 22 pounds from this time last year. I have found a church I enjoy. I have made friends (although there is much progress to make in this area). I have research irons in the fire. I have developed working relationships with colleagues I enjoy.

Perhaps most importantly: I have learned the rhythm of Oregon State. It makes a huge difference when you have been in a place long enough to be able to anticipate what comes next and make informed judgments about how you should spend your time. That will make all the difference as I go through the next year.

I feel pretty settled -- perhaps as settled as I know how to be. What a difference a year makes!

Currently anticipating: My upcoming trip to Columbia, Mo
Currently watching: Season 9 of Project Runway
Currently thankful: My father's latest ER trip was apparently not heart related


Wordless Wednesday 7-27-11

If you aren't following postsecret.com, you should be. This was the most touching secret from this Sunday.


One Year Ago on "On The Wrong Coast"

This time last year, life was moving warp speed.
I started a blog.
I spent some time at home between getting a job and moving to Oregon.
I bought a car.
Roadtripped across the country... stopping in Missouri, Nebraska, Wyoming and Utah.
I moved into a new apartment and bought new furniture.
And, started work at a new job. So far, this July has been hectic, but thankfully nothing like the summer of 2010.


"These are a few of my favorite things..."

I have a number of bloggers that I follow. I thought I would share my favorite items they have posted or introduced me to lately....

Definitely love this idea behind this site: Dear Photograph (saw it on Tyler Stanton's blog)

I really enjoyed this post on Getting Unstuck from Michael Hyatt

I think I am addicted to PostSecret... and I look at it every Sunday morning (most of the time I can see it on Saturday night since I am on the 'Wrong Coast').

I know I cannot be the first one to tell you about this site, but I LOVE the Pioneer Woman... pretty much the whole site is amazing, but when I get busy, I still read the Confessions blog posts on a regular basis.

And I was asked recently how I find time to go to all of these individual sites on a daily basis... the quick answer is: I don't. I use Google Reader. You don't have to use that site, but you should be using something. From their own page, Google Reader is described as "Your personalized inbox for the entire web" And, most of the time I read right off of my iGoogle page so I don't go past my homepage unless I want to comment on  a post.


Back from the road

I am back from the road. I spent a glorious week and a half in North Carolina with family.

Edited 7/19 I should also mention that I got to see Dave, Tracy, Liz, Grover, Gabriel, Kira, Josiah, Jamie, Jim, Jeff and Joy. (Sorry for the oversight, Liz! I just consider y'all family.)

I got to see my brother's girls. Emily is old enough now that she understand what it means when I leave.

I got to eat Bojangles (3 times), but still managed to lose 2 lbs while on vacation.
I went to Myrtle Beach and played in the pool with my sister, her kids and my parents.

I got to see my friends Leigh and Sherilee (one who has recently become a mom and the other who will become a mom in about a month). Love these ladies.

I left NC and went to Denver for 4 days for the Association of Leadership Educators Conference.

I ate breakfast at a diner that had been on "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives"... yumm-O.

I got to tour Invesco Field at Mile High.
We stayed at The Curtis hotel. (I couldn't take enough pictures since my nephew's name is Curtis. He will also be getting some hotel pens.) It was kitschy and fun and I recommend it to anyone traveling through Denver.

NC, I will see you for Christmas. Denver, I don't know when, but we shall meet again.

Currently Feeling: a travel hangover
Currently Anticipating: The last Harry Potter movie coming out at midnight (with the current jet lag state, I may wait until this weekend to see it.)
Currently Thankful: for the cool, settled weather in Oregon. Today's high: 72


Summer Conference in the Hood

Hood River, that is. Oregon Ag Teachers Summer Conference was held in Hood River, Oregon in June (I know I am a little behind but I have been on vacation so cut me some slack ;-)

It was gorgeous. Enjoy some photos of scenic Mt. Hood and the Hood River Valley.

On the way home, I took Scenic 30 and drove to the top of Crown Point to look out of the Vista House and take in the Columbia River gorge. This checks another item off my summer bucket list. There is a picture of the Vista House, and then a view east and a view west. It was definitely a great drive (just east of Portland) and I will do it again... hopefully when the parents come to visit.

And Yes, I am a Yellow Dog. Thanks for asking!