The Office... and the end of an era

It happens tonight: the last episode of The Office on NBC. I'll be honest- I did not understand the mockumentary style and awkward humor at first.

But, arriving in Missouri in the fall of 2007 having left friends and family behind in NC, I was happy to be invited to any social function outside the walls of Ol' Mizzou.

Claire, Jonathon and Ashley included me in Brinner (breakfast for dinner) and my first episode of The Office. And, I still didn't get why people thought this show was funny. But, there were breakfast meats and new friendships, so I kept going. For Mexican Stack-up and Beckmeyer Italian night. And birthday celebrations. Until I couldn't imagine not going.

Eventually, Ashley finished her degree and moved on- the unfortunate casualty of higher education friendships. And along the way Heidi joined the fray. And I fell in love with Jim and averted my eyes at Meredith and shook my head at Creed ... And of course, cringed at Michael.

I knew it would be bad when Steve Carell left the show, but you don't quit on your friends. So I continued to show up despite Kathy Bates and the unsavory Sabre episodes everyone wishes they could forget.

Even when my time came to complete a degree and relocate, another Office crew found me. Michaella opened her home every Thursday for a west coast viewing of Oscar, Angela, Phyllis and the Nard-dog. Life in Oregon wasn't ALL new, because those same old friends showed up weekly - albeit one hour later.

So tonight I bid goodbye to an unlikely favorite show and say thanks for the memories and more importantly, thanks for a comfortable reason to sit alongside new people on Thursday night and love the lovably unlovable normalcy of the folks in The Office.

Are you a fan? What's your favorite Office moment?


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