The Oregon Garden

I have admitted before that I am a geek. I love plants! Who doesn't? They can make ugly places prettier and cheer the spirit when you are feeling sad.  So...I spent Saturday (August 21) bumming around The Oregon Garden. On the way in, you pass The Gordon House (1959) - the only Frank Lloyd Wright house in Oregon and the only one in the Pacific Northwest that is open to visitors. I didn't spring for the $10 tour, but I did snap a photo of the outside.

Once I arrived, I paid my fee to get in to the gardens. The views start the minute you leave the visitor's center.

I snapped tons of photos. Here are a few of my favorites.

Everything grows here.... including Fuschia!

This is the Hobbit house in the Children's Garden. I don't think a buried corrugated drain pipe has ever been so cute (and fun- this little fella was havin' a blast)!

I couldn't resist... I like any flower that appears Daisy-like.

There were numerous water features, but this was my favorite.

Sculptural, natural garden art

Numerous pollinators made it into my photos between the time I lined up my shot and when I snapped...

Of course, I needed a shot of the beaver (among some purple cone flowers and rudbeckia!)

There were some fabulous moss covered rocks scattered around the gardens.

Some pot people in the Children's Garden.

Sculptural plants among sculpture

Now I feel like I need to see the garden during multiple times of the year. I mean, August is definitely not peak season. It will definitely not be my last visit to The Oregon Garden.

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