Office Update

The office has been coming together in pieces...but I have been excited about every piece. The cabinets and bookcases all came together within days of my arrival, which gave me a place to unpack, but the other pieces have been coming in a week at a time. Last week my brand new laptop/docking station/dual monitors arrived. Gorgeous! But I was working on the rolling modular cart at the time which didn't leave much for anything but the computer.

The desk arrived a week later (8.17.10). I haven't had a chance to hang my diplomas or "fluff my nest".. .this was 20 minutes after the desk was delivered and the computer moved. It feels a little "undone", but people have been asking to see the place (and I am working on letting some things not be perfect and jumping before I am ready) so, now for a "tour" around the office...

All good tours start at the door... it has my name on it! You can also see my "Strengths" are hanging on my doorknob. There are also a few chairs over there for advising and visitors and such... Oh and my favorite part may just be the new DRIOD on the desktop!

After coming in the door, you are looking straight at my bookcase of mementos... some things State FFA Office, some things NCSU, some things Mizzou, and room to grow the Oregon State collection (with my Achieve sign from the Velez's - Achieve is my top "Strength" on Strengthfinder). And, of course, a shelf for family! And the plants made the move from MU to OSU. 


Then you get the first view of the desk, complete with name plate (Thanks Ryan!) and business cards and TONS of workspace. The computer is phenomenal and I am using a laptop with a docking station so I can take everything on the work computer home as well as pick it up and take it to the classroom to teach right on MY computer. The bookshelf in the background is still a work in progress... mostly because it is still short a few shelves. And The M&M guys made the move, but I haven't filled 'em up yet.

Finally, a nice view of the desk from my side. Lots of storage: 4 drawers, 2 file drawers, a pencil drawer, and a pull-out keyboard shelf. LOVE IT! (even though it is not dark wood that I could use to "intimidate undergraduates!) And you can even see out the door and into the outer suite. 

P.S. If you click on the pictures, I think you can make them bigger so you can see in more detail.

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