Good practice

Waking up terrified by the fact that the earth is moving....momentarily breathless and hustling to your feet. This is a common occurrence.

Although I live on the west coast, these are not earthquakes. It is the kid in the apartment upstairs who insists on leaping off the top bunk, shaking the walls and jarring me awake!

This caused two thoughts:
1) I am subconsciously thinking/dreaming more about earthquakes than I realized, and
2) I have to find a house and get out of this apartment!


The Countdown to Summer

Time flies... at least that is the old cliche, right? 

In some ways, it does not seem possible that I am wrapping up my second year. However, the fact that my institution is on the Quarter System means that I have been teaching basically non-stop since January. First, 11 week of Research Methods and after a spring break that included State FFA Convention, posting grades, evaluating work samples, and retooling a new class, I started a new term. It is week 8... which feels like week 19.

Summer is 25 days away. Summer is packed with travel and an exhausting list of tasks that I cannot seem to find time for during the school year and inevitably shuffle to summer. Regardless, summer is a change of pace with longer blocks of time to complete tasks and work at a much healthier pace. I am looking forward to the shift in speed.


"They Ask me why I Teach" by Glennice Harmon

They ask me why I teach
And I reply, "Where could I find more splendid company?"
There sits a statesman,
Strong, unbiased, wise,
Another later Webster
And there a doctor
Whose quick, steady hand
Can mend a bone or stem the lifeblood's flow.
A builder sits beside him --
Upward rise the arches of that church he builds wherein
That minister will speak the word of God,
And lead a stumbling soul to touch the Christ.

And all about
A lesser gathering
Of farmers, merchants, teachers,
Laborers, men
Who work and vote and build
And plan and pray into a great tomorrow.
And, I say,
"I may not see the church,
Or hear the word,
Or eat the food their hands will grow."
And yet -- I may.
And later I may say,
"I knew the lad, and he was strong,
Or weak, or kind, or proud
Or bold or gay.
I knew him once,
But then he was a boy."
They ask my why I teach and I reply,
"Where could I find more splendid company?"