Ma and Pa Lambert visit Oregon

That is right...the Lamberts came to Oregon. My mom and dad spent a whole day in airports and airplanes just to come see where the middle daughter chose to start her career. And, boy did we pack in some fun. Okay, so it was a while ago and it has taken me a while to get the pictures posted. Whatever....Enjoy the recap.

We drove down to Eugene just to take in their special-kind-of-crazy and have a Voodoo doughnut. Yum!

We drove over the coastal mountain range to Newport. We had lunch at Rogue Brewery (Again, yum!), visited the Marine Science Center, and took in the seals while shopping the Old Bayfront area. It was freezing at the coast, even though it was 90 when we left Corvallis to drive the 45 miles to Newport. The weather can change drastically when you cross the coastal range. We had planned to stay and watch a sunset, but it was too cold and damp for the folks.. and it was cloudy so you couldn't see much anyway. I told my mom I would get her a sunset before she left.

They got the tour of campus complete with landmark buildings, Benny the Beaver statue, and of course my office!

We took a trip over the Cascade mountains to spend some time in the high desert portion of Oregon. We stopped at the museum and took in some sites there.

We shopped in Sisters (too busy shopping to take pictures). We stayed the night at the boss' cabin. Naturally for an aggie, it is shaped like a barn. My dad was ready to retire here.

And then we hit up Crater Lake. My second time seeing it but my parents' first time. It was also my first time without 30 feet of snow. We were able to drive all the way around. I could have spend the whole day here. Enjoy the pictures.

We took in nature.

And when we left Crater, we ate lunch and drove to Northern California to see some tall trees. This was nice and  my parents were troopers. I think they were tired at this point but they stuck with me. Going to see the trees was mostly an excuse to get over to the Southern Oregon coast so we could see a sunset without cloud. Remember - I had promised my mom.

We found some rocky Oregon beaches - think Goonies!

And we were able to see that sunset. Here are just a few of the 40+ pictures my mom snapped in the few minutes the sun was setting.

I hope they come back soon.

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