The Countdown to Summer

Time flies... at least that is the old cliche, right? 

In some ways, it does not seem possible that I am wrapping up my second year. However, the fact that my institution is on the Quarter System means that I have been teaching basically non-stop since January. First, 11 week of Research Methods and after a spring break that included State FFA Convention, posting grades, evaluating work samples, and retooling a new class, I started a new term. It is week 8... which feels like week 19.

Summer is 25 days away. Summer is packed with travel and an exhausting list of tasks that I cannot seem to find time for during the school year and inevitably shuffle to summer. Regardless, summer is a change of pace with longer blocks of time to complete tasks and work at a much healthier pace. I am looking forward to the shift in speed.

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