24 hours in the Corvallis snow

I woke up Thursday, February 6, 2014, to skies that were still a little dark and snow that had begun to fall. Work was closed for faculty and students (cancelling the PhD research methods class I teach once a week). So,  I made some coffee, set up an area to be productive from home on other projects, and got to work. 

However, I kept an eye on that snow piling up outside and every few hours, I snapped a picture out my window of the same flower bed with a birdbath. At the end of the day, those provided a little timeline of the storm. The first picture is about 6:30 am, then 9 am, then noon, then 5 pm and the bottom picture is from this morning (February 7) after we added a few more inches over night. The snow is still falling here, but this captures the first 24 hours.

A few of my other favorites taken from the comfort of my warm house:

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