Our Monday in Glacier

At the end of the day Sunday, we piled into the car and drove the first portion of the Going to the Sun road - just as far as Rising Sun and walked to a waterfall.

Dan did his best Captain Morgan... and I look wholly unimpressed with nature. 

Monday was the real deal - Going to the Sun road from beginning to end. A few highlights:

This viewpoint

and the accompanying selfies:

and since Bekah was being Bekah, 

Dan tried to be Bekah, too.

Driving along Weeping Wall:

And this one


This random falls (along with 100 others) were photographed out the car window:

This peek of a peak through the trees:

I loved the light reflecting off the river through this whole valley:

Making it to the continental divide and the peak of the Going to the Sun road.

Random wildlife near Logan Pass:

An impromptu stop at Red Rocks - where half the group jumped in.

and I sat and pondered:

We ended up by a lake near Apgar.

When we made it to the other end of the park, we found a sign to the take the obligatory national park selfie. 

On our way back, we hunted for this bridge -

making a few stops before we found it. It was late enough in the day, we had it all to ourselves (and the sun low in the sky).

We found a bear (and some cubs) on our way back to camp. 

We celebrated a great day with some carbo-loading for the long hike the next day:

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