Books Books and More Books

I love books.
I love to be around books.
This list looks like 30 vacations I would want to take.

So, I was delighted to find that living in Corvallis brings me near a few very good places to find cheap books. Of course, I already talked about Powell's when I visited there during Spring Break 2011. You cannot beat Powell's for selection but I can beat them on price.

There is a book sale at the Philomath Rodeo grounds in the fall and there is yesterday's sale at the Benton County Fairgrounds. As a "Friend of the Library" I got to enter at 4 when the public cannot enter until 6. I came home with 14 new books in about an hour and for under $30. Becoming a Friend is only $10 and helps support the local library. Yes, please!

This is my second time going to one of these and here are a few tips: 1) You have to come with a list. 2) Bring something to haul your load. Some people bring boxes or dolly carts. This time I borrowed a reusable shopping bag from my friend who drove! Arrive early for the best selection but know that by the end they are almost free. We went to the special opening yesterday and paperbacks were $2. By Sunday, you can fill an entire box and whatever fits is $5. Check out my reading list for the items that were bought for the "TO READ" shelf.

I am getting in some good practice before the sale in Eugene in April. It is a bit larger.

Besides book sales, I visit St.Vinnie's in Albany for their used book selection. This is a Thrift Store that is connected with Catholic ministries. The fact that it is categorized by author and subject, and that books are only $2 means that I can go with a list and find what I want. And, the money goes to charity.

I think I need to go buy another book shelf!

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