Spring Break Part 2

I am mourning the end of my Spring break. It was amazing. It started with 4 days of State FFA Convention. (If you want to see photos, check out the amazing work by Hannah O'Leary.) Once I got back from State Convention, the real fun began. I made a list of the things I wanted to accomplish.

Tuesday - I stayed in bed until 8, then went to work for a while. I got that NAERC review done. I had lunch with Betsy and then got my haircut. I went to Bible study and managed to get the DVR down to around 79%. I finished the night reading to fall asleep. It was great.

Wednesday - I again went to work, but I slept until 8 first. I mailed a postcard to both my niece and nephew. I started my curtain project in the afternoon while watching "The Great Outdoors" and spent the evening having dinner with some of my Dox friends. It was a delicious way to end a great spring break day.

Thursday - my lazy day. I didn't get out of my PJ's until noon. I did work, but I didn't go to the office. I read. I worked out. I called and changed my cable plan (the trial offer I got when I moved here had expired so it was time to actually choose the channel package I use). I weighed in and was down again. :-) Joy! I got the DVR down to around 53% and attended my first Office Night in Oregon at Michaela's house. Michael proposed to Holly and it was great :-)

Friday - was my mini spring break. I started with getting an estimate on the damage I did to the front end of my car (read about my dumb moment here). I decided to do it on a day I had something fun planned....so as to not be depressed. I went to Portland and got a Voodoo Doughnuts. That was an experience. I waited in line for over an hour. Yup...for a doughnut. It rained the whole hour and a half I was driving to Portland but when I started standing in line, the clouds broke and it did not rain the entire time I stood in line. Perfect! It is not in the best part of town and transients were everywhere. In fact, when I got inside, this was the sign.

I survived the homeless gauntlet. I got inside (it is cash only, btw.. useful information!) and took in the culture. It is tiny. There are random things on the wall. The employees are, um, interesting. When I got to the counter to order my maple bacon bar (the whole reason I came!)... they had just sold the last one to the guy in front of me.Dag. Seriously. I had to make a quick choice. And there menu is not exactly clear.

I ordered a voodoo doll and an Old Dirty Bastard. The voodoo doll has a pretzel stick in it (the pin for the voodoo doll) and is filled with a raspberry jelly that makes it look like it is bleeding when you pull it apart. The Old Dirty Bastard is chocolate glazed, covered in crumbled Oreo's and drizzled in melted peanut butter. OMG! Delicious. I made good choices.

I took my super special doughnuts to Powell's - A bookstore that takes up an entire city block in Portland.

I picked up some books - 13 to be exact. Summer reading here I come.

I spent the afternoon shopping Bridgeport.I have wanted to shop this area since arriving but it is an open air shopping area... in the part of Oregon where it rains half the year. Since I was lucky enough to have a break in the weather, I shopped! (I am also counting this as my rain-free walk - check one more thing off the list!) At about 4:30, I realized the only thing I had eaten all day were doughnuts and coffee. Opps. So, I had a burger and fries from the Joe's Burger kiosk and kept shopping. I ended the night shopping Keizer Station. I got some new candlesticks (I needed them after my visit to the Reece's!) and a new jewelry tree and earring storage from 'The Container Store'. (Note. If you are a tad-bit OCD like me, going to The Container Store is like visiting Mecca.) This was a glorious day.

Saturday - I woke up, cleaned house, and made curtains.The curtains aren't bad if you don't look closely. :-) I watched Sherlock Holmes and, by the end of the day, had my DVR down to about 41%.

Sunday - I went to church, dropped off the things I removed from my closet at Goodwill, had lunch with Melissa and Trina, and finally got my taxes done this afternoon. I ended my break with a long phone chat with my mom.... and, of course, some blogging.

I didn't finish my book (but it is a long one). I didn't get to Happy Hour. I only got the curtains done, not the pillows and I didn't find time to play Wii. All-in-all, I accomplished most of the things on my list.

Although I miss my family terribly, I will admit it was nice to spend this spring break checking things off my list rather than my typical car, airport, plane, airport, plane, car of a spring break routine. I am getting enough travel in the next 6 weeks to make my head spin.

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