Revised new year's resolution

Okay, so maybe I was a little hasty with the resolution in that last post. I made a resolution to not buy another book until I have read the ones on my shelf. I am not thinking that is realistic. There are 58 books on my shelf to be read (and a couple of freebie downloads on the Kindle now). I only finished 47 books this year. That would mean a whole year without purchasing a book. I am just not thinking I can keep that one. There are numerous book sales like this one and this one. They are a great way to get a cheap ($1.50-$2.50) copy of something on your list to read. The next one is coming up next month.

So, like any good American, I am making a revised resolution on January 10: I am not going to buy another book to read.... unless there is room for it on the shelf. That buys me a little wiggle room for going to the book sale with my book-loving friend, finding one or two cheap books I want to read yet still pacing myself so I cannot buy the 23 I bought at the Eugene book sale last year! Yup, 23.

The shelf currently looks like this... so there is still work to be done to make room before the annual Friends of the Benton County Library book sale on the last weekend of February (Feb 21-23, 2014).

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