Boy-see fun

First lesson learned. People from Boise Idaho pronounce the name of their city Boy-see not Boy-zee as I have grown up pronouncing it. Hence, the title. 

I drove into town on the weekend of June 21-23, 2014. I found a nice, affordable Hampton Inn in the heart of downtown which served as a great launching point to see the city. Guess where my first stop was? I will give you a hint (well, it will be a hint if you know Boy-see).

Along the way to my first destination, I walked past the public library. Or LIBRARY!

I then walked almost the entire length of the Julia Davis Park.

The park had this collection of frontier-era homes. 

And people paddle boating. Which made me think out loud - "Why didn't the Paddle Boats at Dan Nicholas park come with an awning?" Genius.

There were also people rafting down the Idaho River. This river runs through the heart of town and runs along the line between Julia Davis park and Boise State University's campus.

I watched these geniuses decide to feed all of the Canada Geese which sounds like a good idea - except geese are mean. By the time I got my camera ready, they were standing on this picnic table screaming at geese!

I finally made it to my desintation: Chic-fil-A. Yup, that is my first intentional destination once arriving in Boise. My family was not even a little surprised when they read that! If there had been a Bojangles, I would have walked there instead. But, I do love some Atlanta-based Chic-fil-A and there is not one in the state of Oregon. It was delicious. And then I walked back via the rose garden in Julia Davis Park.

If I worked in this area, I would leave my office to eat Chic-fil-A in this garden just about everyday when the roses were in bloom. Beautiful. I love plants. 

(I actually started my Sunday morning with coffee and a trek to the Idaho Botanical garden, but I am saving that for a separate blog post. If you love grainy iPhone photos of plants, you will be on the edge of your seat for that one!) So, we will start with lunch: at the Boise Fry Company because, well, Idaho and potatoes.

It was pretty yummy. You choose the kind of potato and the cut (in this case Yukon Gold Curly) and the burger is the side-dish. The way life should be.

I then walked back to the LIBRARY! because they were having their annual book sale. Believe it or not, I didn't find anything here. Do not fear - I brought 3 books with me from Corvallis and bought 4 other books while on this whole trip. And I've finished 3 already.

After the book sale, I walked to the Idaho State Capital and looked around a little. It was Sunday afternoon so I was one of the only people in the building.

Boy-see, I will be back. And I promise to stop calling you Boy-zee.

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