A Baby Shower for Ava

My sister (Melissa)  adopted two of my favorite children on the planet. We kinda won the lottery with those kiddos. Then she married a fella with two amazing kiddos of his own. Now they are expecting a baby girl on October 1 and plan to name her Ava. A party was in order. I was in town for the family beach trip and my brother's kiddos were visiting from Michigan. 

We started with a pre-party as part of the Childers family reunion - a gathering of my mom's side of the family. Lots of cards and a few gifts - and tons of well wishes and belly rubs. 

And my niece should learn that is she makes faces at me, I will blog them for everyone to see!

Then we headed to my mom's where me, my mother and two of Melissa's friends were throwing a drop in shower. My cousin Tracy (on my dad's side) made the cake and all the cupcakes. Oh, the patience. I hope this baby girl knows how loved she is - even before she makes her arrival.

We did most of the food set up in my mother's dining room. (I was photobombed by my brother's youngest - she needed to sample all the cheeses - just to be sure they were all good.)

That's better. Ready for a party.

There were lots of gifts with polka dots and strawberries - and more photobombing - this time by my brother's middle daughter. Everything needed to be oooohhhed and aaahhhhhhed over by the 4 year old. She was pretty excited to be meeting new people.

Is there anything cuter than tiny baby girl clothes? I don't think so.

It was supposed to a photo of the cake cutting,,, but again with the faces and the cheese "sampling".  My family is nothing if not predictable.

Oh, and that beautiful bassinet/ changing table/ beside sleeper was a gift from my mother  - that she decided I needed to assemble the night before - around midnight. It is cute, but I didn't think so the night before.

And another photobomb by the littlest one. 

Alright Ava - everyone is ready. We expect to see you in about 5 weeks because all those strawberry covered, pink polka-dotta baby girl clothes are ready for you. And all those cousins are waiting to teach you the joys of a cheese platter and a Yoohoo And all those brothers and sisters are ready to welcome you home and teach you how to be one of the club. And your grandparents are ready to spoil you rotten. And Dr. Aunt Misty is just ready to see you in your mother's arms.

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