How NOT to write an email

I am not the best at email. I tend to be all business and forget about the formalities that make them read well when received. However, I do try. I make a conscious effort to think about how my email will come across.

Below are two examples of student emails I have received about missing class. Guess which one received a written response and which one received a rant to myself at my desk and no email back (because if you don't have anything nice to say...):

Dear Dr. Lambert,

I locked my keys in my car this morning and I spent all day trying to find a way to get into it, and that is why I missed class today, did I miss anything important?

Student A


Dr. Lambert,

I will be unable to attend class tomorrow because of my sorority's audition for the Greek Sing (the time was just changed, sorry for the late notice). I will have one of my classmates turn in my POR and Conflict Resolution Styles assignment and I will get the notes off Blackboard. Is there anything else I will need to do to make up for missing the class?

Student B

If you haven't seen this, enjoy!

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