Mother's Day...the only way I could

How do you celebrate Mother's Day as a) a single girl, b) not in a serious relationship, c) with no kids, d) who doesn't live near any "motherly relatives".  This means I am not a mother, I don't have to celebrate someone else's mother,  and I am not near enough to my own mother/sister/sister-in-law/aunts/grandparents to facilitate a celebration with them.

What to do?

My solution was simple. I went to church and enjoyed coffee while sniffling my way through a sermon reminding me that God is Great. Then I treated myself to lunch out. I know this seems nuts on a holiday when everyone is treating their mother to a "day off" from cooking, but hear me out. Everyone at the restaurant was a large group - every kid and their kids with mothers and grandmothers. I was a table for 1. Their wait = an hour and 15 minutes. My wait = less than 7 minutes. And they had a bar. Cocktail? Yes, please!

What to do after a peaceful lunch? A solo movie. I had recently read 'Something Borrowed' by Emily Griffin, so I Googled movie times and hit the jackpot: a matinĂ©e was starting right across the street. It wasn't as good as the book (I know everyone says that, but in this case, it was true), but half a Sunday spent not in my apartment or office (but not outside in the overwhelming allergens of a blooming Corvallis) was priceless. (I only had to leave the theater twice to blow my nose or quench a cough.)

Of course, when I made it home I called my mom and wished her a happy Mother's Day. (And, it is a bummer that she is 3,000 miles away on a day I am keenly aware of all that she has done. I just want to give her a hug.) Now I am home and grading papers (in between nose blows) and preparing myself for the rush of a week with a grant deadline at the end.... but my morning was great. I know that if I become a mom someday, Mother's Day will take on a whole new meaning. But I am not sure, even then, if a quiet lunch with a cocktail and a movie alone wouldn't sound like a perfect way to celebrate.

Currently Dreading: Friday's grant deadline (Grants are the devil!)
Currently Anticipating: my first 5K next Saturday (any of my Corvallis people want to walk with?)
Currently Enjoying: The rainbow I can see out my living room window. All that rain has its rewards. But, did I mention my allergies are going nuts?

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