Easter with friends AND family

I had family with me on Easter... that hasn't happened in a while.

We went to my friend Betsy's house and enjoyed easter with her family. Her dad cooked brisket and the kids had an easter egg hunt. Betsy is a photography genius and started snapping photos. Enjoy.
Betsy's niece Katie "helping" my niece Desiree get an egg that was hidden up high...
Desiree and Curtis went for the same egg... so Curtis sat on her head and as she fell to the ground, he snatched it and ran.
Even though it was raining, we had a blast. There is nothing like family.
I had a great time with family in town. I am also woefully behind on work. Between the trip to Fresno and the fact that today and tomorrow are CDE days on campus, I am swimming in tasks that need to be done.. I promise: coming soon I will have pictures (and maybe even video) of our trip to the Oregon coast, Silver Falls, Crater Lake and Redwood National Park.

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