Peonies and Irises and more, Oh my

Last Saturday I went to some farms in and around Brooks, Oregon. We started at 9am in the cut peony production fields at Adelman's. It was the first truly perfect weather weekend we have had this year. The honeybees were working hard. Although the fields were not completely in bloom, there is nowhere I would have rather been that morning that photographing peonies with Shawn and Betsy.

  How many honeybees do you count?
The first bloom in this field.

 The thing I like most about peonies is that they look like structural impossibilities. A plant that small should not be able to support a bloom (or 2) that big!




We left there around 10:30 and, after hitting the gas station for a snack, cruised over to Schreiner's for some display gardens. Amazing!!!!! I couldn't get enough of this place.





   Betsy taking a photo of me taking a photo of Betsy.

  Afterwards, we shopped Keizer Station and grabbed some Mexican food in Salem before hitting up Costco. It was a great Saturday.


  1. The shadow picture is very confusing to me. How did I make that shape?

  2. Haha, Shawn. You don't remember having a square head and only one arm?