My Summer Bucket List

My Summer Bucket List. You know, these are things I want to do before summer kicks the bucket. For me, that is the end of September - when classes begin. I will check them off as I do them.  Some of these are already on the calendar or tickets are booked....others are tentatively penciled in...others are hopeful side trips for open weekends. I am always looking for company so if there is something here that is also on your summer list, let's find a way to do it together. Here's my list. (I put pictures/links with some of the Oregon ones that won't mean anything to my non-Oregon peeps.)
  • Read at least 20 books Check summer reading list for updates
  • Go to a concert (at least twice) saw Civil Wars June 21; saw band on pier July 5th
  • Go to the Dahlia festival
  • Hike Mary's Peak done September 7
  • Attend ALE Conference (and make my first trip to Denver) done July 10-13
  • Drive the entire Oregon Coast (from Astoria to Brookings) drove Lincoln City to Brookings
Oregon Coast Map
  • Go on the family beach trip done June 29-July 9
  • Finish my pillow project
  • Saturday Market in Portland (http://www.portlandsaturdaymarket.com/)
  • Sit by the pool for a week (and not think about work) July 3-July 9
  • Spend a weekend in either Seattle or San Francisco
  • Go to the top Crown Point and look out of the Vista House done June 25
What should be on this list that is not?


  1. If you are looking for company on that Mary's Peak Hike - I am in!! This is an awesome list - I have a few of these on my 'to do' list as well! -- Kim Scatton

  2. You got it, Kim. I would love company. I am planning on driving up a good ways and hiking that last little bit (that might be all my back will go for) but I would love company. Lets try to find a date that works.

  3. I'd love to hike Mary's Peak with you guys. I've never been. I'd also love to have dinner with you at The Cowboy Dinner Tree. I have friends that live in Christmas Valley. I've also wanted to go to the Portland Japanese Garden for ages. Last, if you decide to go to Seattle, I'd be game and can offer free lodging in the downtown. I love Wallowa Lake too!