Ladies Weekend - Dallas TX - July 2013

I flew to DFW to meet up with some amazing girl friends I met while living in Columbia. We had not all been together in 3 years.  It was a whirlwind. Here is the weekend run down. I flew in on Thursday night and left Sunday evening.You will notice - we ate a lot for three days.

This view greeted me from the tarmac.

Annie hosted and we met her little guy AJ for the first time.What a cutie.

We ate Sonic in the car at 11pm. Coney dog and Mozzarella sticks.

We ate Sno-cones from the Sno-Cone lady - a Frisco tradition since 1983 (Which makes the snow cone lady older than Sara!)

We melted in the Texas heat while eating Tex Mex from the Blue Goose.

We watched a storm roll in while outlet shopping. Yea for new shoes.

I had my first In-N-Out burger.

In two days, we ate a family size bag of Julio's Chips...largely for brunch and late afternoon snacking. Somehow I still lost weight during the week. I know you are scratching your head at that!

We Redboxed and watched 'Identity Thief'. Meh.

We toured the JFK museum at the old book depository. We also had pizza at this amazing little strip mall pizza joint on our way. yum.

Yup, that is the grassy knoll as seen from the 7th floor of the book depository.

My most memorable experience was dinner at Cooper's. HOLY.COW.

When you walk in the door, they raise the lid on a grill and it looks something like this (see below). You order your meat and tell them what fraction of a pound you want....(i.e. 1/3 lb sausage, 1/4 lb brisket) and if you want them to dip it in that bucket of saucy goodness. You hand it off to the next people who slice or chop it, wrap it and weigh it. Moving down the line, you select your sides. I had some sausage and mac-n-cheese that make me want to go back to Texas. So good.

I had lunch at Rosa's Tortilla Cafe and hit up the local mall.

We walked around the Fort Worth stockyards looking at all the fun you can have if you spend the day. Run the maze, watch a cattle drive, take in a wild west trick roping show, shop, eat and more. We went for two things. Cooper's and Billy Bob's.

So, we spent an evening at Billy Bob's (the world's largest Honky Tonk). Click that link to see this place. Gigantic. Concert. Indoor Bull riding. Arcade. Dance Floor.  I also had my  first ever cherry vodka sour - thanks for telling me about those Sara! And as a bonus, we had free drinks coming all night long. And the website doesn't lie: It is a family joint. There was a 1 1/2 year old at the next table - at 10pm.

Oh Texas, I look forward to seeing you again in September. This time: Lubbock.

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