Come and See Me

I am pretty excited. I got a new "big girl bed" this weekend! Friday night my coworker (who had to borrow a truck from a different coworker) met me at Costco (he has a membership, I don't) so I could get the mattress and boxspring. He even helped me get them inside my apartment - which is half the challenge when you have a back like mine.

You should also know that I have been hunting a headboard for months (I am not exaggerating for blogging effect - it's been months). I knew I was getting a queen size bed and I wanted something that matched my current furniture. This furniture, mind you, was my mother's when she was a child (and her older siblings had it first). The new stuff wouldn't match because it is too "shiny" to look like my approximately 60 year old dresser, chest of drawers and nightstand. So, I went to used furniture stores and checked Craigslist regularly.

Today was the day. I logged on searched "queen frame" and the first entry (posted today) was perfect. It was the right color and the right price. I called and left a message which was returned 10 minutes later. She rounded up her husband and truck and brought it to me an hour later! 

It may take just a little tweaking before its perfect (it is assembled, but I am not certain it's correct), but the color match is amazing and it fits the space perfectly. 

That means my guest room is officially open for business! My old full size bed (which sleeps phenomenally) was bumped into the guest room (AKA: the Ulmer Suite)! I got a new headboard for it a few months ago (this one came in the mail from Overstock.com).  I love the little porcupine and owl.

I also repainted a $10 Craigslist shelving unit and the guest room is ready for your arrival. And, with that curtain, you can sleep til noon to get over the jet lag :-) Come and see me!

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  1. I can't wait to stay in the Ulmer Suite!!! Ann