The Falls

Last week I got to make the trek to Hood River to supervise a student teacher. I was able to stop and see Multnomah Falls. A few tidbits about the falls:
  • The falls are 620 feet tall with the top tier dropping 542 ft and the second tier dropping another 69 ft. 
  • They are the world's second largest year round waterfall (according to the sign)
  • It's one of 77 on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge (Source)
  • Part way up you find Benson Bridge... The bridge is named for Simon Benson, a prominent Portland businessman who owned the falls in the early part of the 1900s. Before his death, Benson gave Multnomah Falls to the City of Portland, which later transferred ownership to the USDA Forest Service. (Source
  • The bridge is 45 feet across and 105 feet above the ground providing for an amazing (read: knee wobbling) view. I am willing to go on it, but I need someone's hand to hold... and more than 20 minutes to spend.
Note: If you click on the pictures, they should open bigger and then you might actually be able to read the sign.

 This is the view from the parking lot... which is actually located between the east and westbound lanes of I-84. I have seen it driving by, but this was my first stop.

I talked a nice lady into taking my picture so you get a rare blog appearance from me :-)

And once again, I was impressed by all the green... on the rocks, on the trees, everywhere!

I stepped back so I could take one good picture from the viewing area... this has the falls from top to bottom.

There is a Union Pacific sign on the train tressel nearby to indicate the location of nearby towns.

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