Happy and Sad

The holidays are over. My vacation back home has come and gone. The winter term has begun. And that all makes me happy. And sad.

I had a great time at home.
We celebrated KatieBug turning one.

I got to see Desiree dance in her first dance recital. I had dinner with my college roommate Leigh and her husband Cord (I never get to do this enough!). I hung out with "the boy" and got to meet his family. I celebrated Christmas and ate a phenomenal dinner with the family. I ate out a LOT (Stag and Doe (x2), Floyd's, Bojangles (x3), No Name Pizza, Gary's, Royal James, Chic-Fil-A, Porky's, The Spot...see that's a lot). I watched A LOT of football. I went for walks with dad. I rang in the New Year with the whole gang around a backyard fire. I got to shop and get a pedicure with my mom. I played with the nieces and nephews. I got to see snow (on Christmas day)!  We grilled out with that snow still on the ground. Check out the snowman my niece Emily made with my brother.

It is weird living this bi-coastal (almost double) life. On the one coast, I am a daughter and friend and aunt and sister. There are always people around and something non-work related to do. It's great and so easy to fall back into those roles. One the other coast, I am a friend, a member of some groups, a health nut, and a professional. I go home to my empty apartment and eat dinner alone.

I have decided I am a true "grass is always greener" person. When I am in NC with family and living out of a suitcase, I appreciate all of the people and things to do, but I crave peace and quiet... and to be in my own space with my own things. When I am in my apartment in Corvallis, I appreciate the peace and routine, but I crave all the people I have left behind. I spent the whole break craving the productivity of sitting behind my desk and checking things off of the ol' to do list... and as I sit behind my desk working, I choke back tears for the people I have left behind.

See: Happy and sad.

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