Oregon Garden...in April

No two days are the same in one garden.  ~Hugh Johnson

One of my first weekend adventures after arriving in Oregon was to visit the Oregon Garden.(Read that post here). This past weekend (after I got back from Fresno, but before the family arrived Saturday night) I made a second visit, this time with my new friend Jennifer. I have been told I need to see the garden during all seasons (I skipped winter - too wet and too cold for me). I plan to go back sometime in the next 6 weeks. This past weekend the garden was at the point where bulbs were up and crabapples and flowering cherry trees were blooming, but most things were just starting to leaf out. It warrants a return visit. I snapped some photos.

I was completely obsessed by the snake skin pattern on the blooms. I have never seen anything like it.
There were hellebores everywhere.

 A happy little bear-shaped shrub to mark the entry to the Children's garden.
I am a sucker for a fern... I just love the way they unfurl....
  Obsessed I tell you. If you click on this one and make it larger, you will see the pattern. Love it.
Afterwards, we had lunch at the Creekside Cafe in Silverton, OR, and stopped by The Chocolate Box for a snack. I had a peanut butter cake ball (delicious), but it wasn't as cute as these little guys... so I took their picture.

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