Back from the road

I am back from the road. I spent a glorious week and a half in North Carolina with family.

Edited 7/19 I should also mention that I got to see Dave, Tracy, Liz, Grover, Gabriel, Kira, Josiah, Jamie, Jim, Jeff and Joy. (Sorry for the oversight, Liz! I just consider y'all family.)

I got to see my brother's girls. Emily is old enough now that she understand what it means when I leave.

I got to eat Bojangles (3 times), but still managed to lose 2 lbs while on vacation.
I went to Myrtle Beach and played in the pool with my sister, her kids and my parents.

I got to see my friends Leigh and Sherilee (one who has recently become a mom and the other who will become a mom in about a month). Love these ladies.

I left NC and went to Denver for 4 days for the Association of Leadership Educators Conference.

I ate breakfast at a diner that had been on "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives"... yumm-O.

I got to tour Invesco Field at Mile High.
We stayed at The Curtis hotel. (I couldn't take enough pictures since my nephew's name is Curtis. He will also be getting some hotel pens.) It was kitschy and fun and I recommend it to anyone traveling through Denver.

NC, I will see you for Christmas. Denver, I don't know when, but we shall meet again.

Currently Feeling: a travel hangover
Currently Anticipating: The last Harry Potter movie coming out at midnight (with the current jet lag state, I may wait until this weekend to see it.)
Currently Thankful: for the cool, settled weather in Oregon. Today's high: 72


  1. Woohoo to losing lbs while on vacation! I didn't fare so well during my time in Montana and Arizona. I did manage to work out on day one and two in each place, but was lazy by day three.

    I'd love to see HP with you, but the earliest that I could see it would be Sunday evening.

  2. I could do it Sunday night.... wanna go?