"These are a few of my favorite things..."

I have a number of bloggers that I follow. I thought I would share my favorite items they have posted or introduced me to lately....

Definitely love this idea behind this site: Dear Photograph (saw it on Tyler Stanton's blog)

I really enjoyed this post on Getting Unstuck from Michael Hyatt

I think I am addicted to PostSecret... and I look at it every Sunday morning (most of the time I can see it on Saturday night since I am on the 'Wrong Coast').

I know I cannot be the first one to tell you about this site, but I LOVE the Pioneer Woman... pretty much the whole site is amazing, but when I get busy, I still read the Confessions blog posts on a regular basis.

And I was asked recently how I find time to go to all of these individual sites on a daily basis... the quick answer is: I don't. I use Google Reader. You don't have to use that site, but you should be using something. From their own page, Google Reader is described as "Your personalized inbox for the entire web" And, most of the time I read right off of my iGoogle page so I don't go past my homepage unless I want to comment on  a post.

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