My anniversary

Today is my anniversary: I have been with Oregon State one year.

That is almost hard for me to believe. Last summer was a gut-wrenching mix of graduating, getting a job, leaving friends, moving cross-country, starting a new job, and beginning the process of settling in.

This year is vastly different. I have renewed my lease for another year. I have created a workout and diet routine that are working for me and I am down 22 pounds from this time last year. I have found a church I enjoy. I have made friends (although there is much progress to make in this area). I have research irons in the fire. I have developed working relationships with colleagues I enjoy.

Perhaps most importantly: I have learned the rhythm of Oregon State. It makes a huge difference when you have been in a place long enough to be able to anticipate what comes next and make informed judgments about how you should spend your time. That will make all the difference as I go through the next year.

I feel pretty settled -- perhaps as settled as I know how to be. What a difference a year makes!

Currently anticipating: My upcoming trip to Columbia, Mo
Currently watching: Season 9 of Project Runway
Currently thankful: My father's latest ER trip was apparently not heart related

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Can't believe a year can fly by so fast!