Page CXVI is in the Pacific Northwest!

I had the chance to see them last night at Sunset Presbyterian in Portland. It is my fourth time seeing them perform. They are going to be here in Corvallis Thursday night, but I already had something to do so I drove 3 hours round trip to watch their 1.5 hour show. Totally worth it.

If you are not familiar with their music, here is what you need to know. They do old hymns in a new way. They are a modern and accessible version of music written before my great-grandmother was alive. There is nothing I can say that can convince you, so check them out.

I bought Hymns IV last night and listened to them on the way home. You can stream and sample all of their music off their blog site. Seriously, love them. Hope you do, too. Go listen to their music. If you are in Corvallis, check out their show.

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