Saved by the Bell?!

Let's be honest: Most mornings I am flying out the door at the last minute and eating a granola bar once I am at my desk. Lately I have had some early mornings for trips with the student teachers or training sessions. That means I am eating breakfast in my own living room. Just for noise, I turned on the TV and guess what I found?!?
Saved by the Bell. Image credit

I LOVED this show as a tween. And, really when you are 11 years old - what is NOT to love about this show?

Here is my thought process as an 11 year old:

  • This show is set in a school. I go to school. So I know things!
  • I wanna be Kelly Kapowski.
  • Isn't Zack dreamy?
  • Boy, they just got one over on Mr. Belding... again!

Let me tell you: Those same thoughts are different when you are 31 years old - especially when you are a former high school teacher and current teacher educator. I sat, watching this rerun and was mesmerized by the show... because I couldn't see what I would have possibly liked about it.

Here is my thought process as a 31 year old:

  • This is a school. Where are the teachers? Are they learning anything?
  • Why would I have wanted to be Kelly Kapowski? Cheerleader -really? I am really more of a Jessie Spano. No, wait.Wasn't she that girl who was in 'Showgirls'? Eww. Screech is probably the only one in the group who is gainfully employed these days.
  • Zack is an over-gelled kid who acts like a jerk to adults. Does he think he is being sneaky? 
  • Oh Mr. Belding, you could be my role model. Well, if you weren't partially incompetent. 

Perhaps I should go back to my granola bar at my desk and leave the morning television to the 11 year olds.

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