Checkin' in on the Summer Bucket List

The question is: when does summer end? Does it end when the public schools start back? Does it end a month later when the University starts back? Does it end when the weather finally turns rainy? 

I am going to go with the latter. Oregon really doesn't have four seasons... it has the rainy season and the amazingly dry, sunny perfect season.  I posted a Summer Bucket List in mid-June when the rain cleared. Now that it is raining again, it is time to check back in and see what I accomplished during the 5 month break in the rain.

I wanted to read 20 books. I didn't do too bad on this one. I read 14 before classes started back. After summer conference, I took the scenic route to look off Vista Point and blogged about my adventures. 

I wanted to see live music at least twice. I saw Civil Wars in Portland June 21 and I saw a live band on the pier while on the family beach trip (which not only checked family beach trip off the Bucket list, but also allowed me to check off "Sit by the pool for a week and not think about work".) 

I definitely made it to the top of Mary's Peak. And blogged about it!  I wanted to attend the Association of Leadership Educators (ALE) Conference (and make my first trip to Denver) and I did it July 10-13 and blogged about it here. I drove a LOT of the Oregon coast. I have now driven from Northern California to Lincoln City, and watched the sunset, but I haven't done the northern coast. I am calling that a 3/4 victory. Lastly, I visited my friends in Columbia, Missouri, in August and blogged about it here. Amazing summer!

I didn't accomplish everything on my list. I am still finishing up the summer's big sewing project. I wanted to go to the Dahlia festival, but I missed it this year. I still plan to have supper at The Cowboy Dinner Tree, Shop the Pearl, and hit up Portland's Japanese Garden and Saturday Market. I also still need to make a few trips: Wallowa Lake and San Francisco (or Seattle). 

I think I can get 'em all!

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