Making a house a home

Let's talk about the office/3rd bedroom.The room has a desk, a floor lamp, a piece of art and a bookcase, but, truthfully, it has just been storage for items that had no other clear place in the house. It also has some built in shelves left by the previous owner.

I love this room for the great skylight. It is also the room guests look straight into as they head for the hallway powder room. It needed an identity.

The only piece I have purchased for this space is a daybed frame and mattress. It allows me to sleep guests, but also leaves the room flexible as an office space. Even the bedspread is reject. It is a queen coverlet from the master bedroom. It will be cut down to fit the daybed and I plan to use some of the remnant fabric to make throw pillows or bolsters.

Since moving in this room has been also been home to my DONATE box (seen in the corner above) filled with all the things that had a home in my other place, but no longer work or are needed in the new place. You know.. since my new bathroom has a shower door, I don't need my shower curtain anymore. The curtains I had don't fit the windows in the new house. As I unpacked and settled, this pile grew. You will be happy to know that pile was donated this week!

The plan for this room has slowly been coming together and when I found some inspiration in pillows at Target earlier this week, the progress began.  I love them. The combine the blue found elsewhere in my house with the green of the coverlet I am recycling.

More on the room as it comes together. Step 1 PAINT... and lots of it.

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