One thing leads to another

I posted that I am working on the office/3rd bedroom. Step one was painting the office a color called Cozy Cottage. I have used this color on the hall bathroom. (The rest of the main space of the house has been painted the color one shade darker on the paint chip card: Oat straw.)

While painting, I finished the bedroom with a tray full of paint so I decided I would tackle the laundry room. A room I have been putting off since I moved in and for many reasons. Partly because it is dark and windowless (it is a small entryway laundry room between the garage and the rest of the house). It has a built in pantry closet and 3 upper cabinets so it would require lots of cutting in. The biggest reason was that this room is crowded with just the washer and dryer - let alone me. I knew any project in this room would involve moving the machines and climbing around. And, they are heavy!

I started painting, thinking I would just use up the paint in the tray and decide if I liked the color. Hours later the room was all painted except for behind the machines. Here we go, right?

I knew what I had to do. So I slid them away from the wall and EWwWwwwWw! 

How have I been living here for 8 months! 

Seriously, I pulled up that weird piece of wood they had under the machines (what was that about) and scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees a few times. Soooo gross I took a shower immediately afterwards. The dryer vent was clogged, ripped, and patched with duct tape. So after a trip to Home Depot, I had a new $9 dryer vent.

I don't want to leave you on that image so let's add some satisfying after pictures. Freshly painted walls. Shined up appliances. A little Far Side artwork! A motion detecting LED light (because I walk from house to garage all the time with my hands full/dirty so I can't get the lights). And, a rug. 

So much better. I need to go do some laundry.

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