Progress on the office

A few pictures of the progress in the office/3rd bedroom:

I hung a curtain rod and some navy blue tab top curtains that I have been moving with me since my townhouse in Archdale. I love these curtains and was happy to find a home for them. They still need to be hemmed slightly since they touch the daybed.

I have posted before about my love of reading. You can track what I am reading here. The bookcases of books I have already read are in the family room area. I decided to re-shelve all of the books I haven't read yet in this room. That will allow me to browse to select a new read AND keep tabs on how many books I have bought that I have not yet read. Maybe that will help me keep the book buying in check. Maybe ;-) And the bottom shelf if reference books and yearbooks. They need a home, too!

Lastly, I have hung some art work. I love this painting of birch trees. In fact, most of the art in my house is of nature, but these trees are perhaps a favorite. I also rehung the daisy print I have had for years with a refinished mat and frame. (It was a gilded frame with rose colored matting.) You can also see the freshly painted walls in these photos and even a glimpse of the skylight. The daisy picture was photographed in the evening and the painting in the middle of the day so you can see how the walls change with the light.

The desk is getting some much needed love, as are those built ins. More to come

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