We had a speaker (Dr.Gary Ferngren, a professor from OSU) during Tuesday night's NWHills Grad and Career Group who gave a talk: "Why doesn't God want me to be happy". I found it not only intriguing but exactly what my heart needed to hear. The gist of the talk was that God promised a lot of things in the Bible... never once did he promise happiness. However, the point was made that the more you have, the more you want.  And, in a culture blessed with wealth, like our own, happiness doesn't follow. With this being the time of the year when we are obligated by a calendar specific holiday to be thankful, I shall count some blessings (in no specific order). I would encourage you to make a list of your own... perspective is a good thing.

1. God's love and eternal salvation
2. A supportive and loving family
3. A sister I can share my life with
4. Friends who know me on a level no one else could
5. A brother who serves selflessly
6. My health
7. Reading for fun
8. Skype to see the faces of friends and colleagues who are too far
9. DVR and the flexibility to entertain myself :-)
10. An income
11. Mentors who care
12. Music that moves the soul
13.Colleagues who value me and allow me to contribute
14. Students
15.A warm place to sleep at night
16. A healthy, safe, abundant food supply
17. Truly connecting with friends, family, colleagues, and students
18. Contentment
19. An Active lifestyle... especially my water aerobics
20. Freedom
21. The ability to continually learn and grow daily
22. Weight Watchers, and new found confidence
23. Sunshine and storms
24. Facebook (seriously) and the ability to stay connected with friends I wouldn't otherwise
25. Getting to re-center with my Grad and Career friends every Tuesday night
26.God given talents and quirks that make me uniquely unique 
27. The beauty of nature
28. A boy who sends me flowers
29.A happy childhood where I always felt safe and loved
30.Nieces and a nephew I can spoil any time I want

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