Where did I pack that social calendar...

I know I used to have a social life. In Columbia, it always seemed to be filled with tailgates, departmental get-togethers, movie nights, Encore desserts (I miss y'all Annie, Claire and Sara), and Office nights ("That's what she said" Heidi and Jonathan).

But, as anyone who has moved to a new town without knowing anyone could attest, that social calendar doesn't get put to much use when you first move... unless it is to pencil in the cable guy. And, I don't make friends that easily. I am not exactly a social butterfly. (I know, you're shocked!)

Apparently, 4 months is the magic mark. Today, I was looking at my Outlook calendar and expecting to see more of the same: Days jam packed with meetings and appointments and classes from 8-5 followed by a sad, lonely existence in my apartment from 5-bedtime. No, my friends - I have a life.

I don't know if it's because of the season (because some of my appointments are no doubt obligation holiday invites and everyone is included) or because I am really starting to build a sense of community in Corvallis. In the next two weeks as the workload for the term is at it's most intense and with a research deadline looming large, I have:

  • A Collegiate FFA Christmas party
  • A First Friday game night with NW Hills Grad and Career...including pot luck dinner and games
  • Harry Potter and dinner out
  • Page CXVI concert....performing at Dox during Sunday morning service and at 1st Presbyterian Corvallis on Sunday night
  • Departmental Christmas Party
  • Dinner and Brooke Fraser concert in Portland
  • Book club (Gulliver's Travels)
  • WeightWatchers Meetings (I include them in my social calendar because the people at my meeting are really nice and I need to control SOMETHING in my life this time of year so this works!)
  • My birthday (Yup, turning 31 - not freaking out like I was when I turned 30... more to come on that in a future blog post.)
I want to come out of this with stronger, deeper friendships. And, maybe, just maybe, there will be part of me that wants to come back from NC after the holiday break because it feels like I am connecting here. Here's hoping!


  1. It's funny that when you have an insane amount of work ahead of you in the next couple of weeks that that's when you get a life!!

  2. Hang in there chica, glad you're making plans. I've found that it takes a solid 2 years to really have friends anywhere I've moved...and I'm sure once this PhD adventure ends I'll be testing that theory again.