Top 5

Ok, I will admit. At first, I didn't watch The Office. While in Columbia, a friend invited me to join a Thursday night Office watch party and since I needed both friends and something to do on a Thursday night, I said yes. Even as I watched the first episode, I remember thinking... I don't know if this is really funny.

Let me just clear it up for you: It is!

So, I am going to make some tough choices... and try to decide on a Top 5 list of my favorite Office moments. Most of them involve Jim doing something to Dwight :-) but not always.

There is a great cold open scene where Jim dresses as Dwight: "Bears, Beets, Battlestar Gallactica!"

The Jim/Pam Wedding episode in general was completely epic.. but the mental picture bit made me tear up a little... at an episode of The Office. Well done!

The episode where Jim gives Dwight an Altoid every time the computer "dinks". Ah, Classical Conditioning

While Jim was working in Stamford, he still manages to get Dwight to use Gaydar! Did you know they sell it at Brookstone?

And, finally... a cold open from this season where the coworkers try to figure out exactly how oblivious Stanley really is at work...What will Stanley NOT notice! The things he missed included Pam with a mustache, Kevin dressed as a woman, a shirtless Andy, replacing Stanley’s computer screen with a cardboard box, having a meeting in the backwards conference room full of ridiculous reports, Michael with a puppet, and Dwight with a pony. Stanley doesn’t notice a thing, except that the office clock is five minutes slower than his watch. He leaves at 5:00. Loved it!

So, why is this included in a blog about my happenings on the West Coast?.... because all I have to do on an evening when I am feeling alone and missing friends is watch an episode of The Office and think about my forever friends I met through this wacky Thursday night show. It always makes me smile. 

What's your favorite?


  1. There are so many office episodes that I love!! One of many is the episode when stanford has moved to Scranton and they have a beach party.. Where Michael tries to walk over hot coals and burns his feet! In this one Pam tells Jim she misses his friendship and then low and behold.. They get together on the next season!! :)

  2. Ah, that is a good one. Where Andy is floating on the pond in a blow up sumo suit.