Spring Break Part 1

This post is "All the things I will do with my 'Spring Break'"... Notice, I didn't say WANT to do....because it is a list of:
1- All the stuff I want to do, but haven't had time
2- All the stuff I need to do, but have procrastinated doing until now
3- All the stuff that I already have on my calendar for the week

Here goes:

  • Dinner with church friends
  • Weigh in at WeightWatchers (and lose!)
  • Have AG342 ready to roll for next week
  • go for a walk and not get rained on (I will need some cooperation from Mother Nature on this one)
  • Get a haircut (Appointment for tomorrow at 1:30 :-))
  • Do my Taxes
  • Mail Oregon postcards to my soon-to-be house guests
  • Clear some space on my DVR (90% full and I have lots of travel ahead - must watch or delete)
  • Change my cable plan
  • Sew my pillows and curtains
  • Clean out the closets
  • Read 'Tess of the d'Ubervilles'
  • Play some Wii
  • Complete my NAERC review (why do I volunteer for pain?)
  • Finish the ALE poster abstract
  • Take a friend out for her birthday dinner
  • Skype a friend
  • Go to Grad/Career Bible study
  • Enjoy a Happy Hour
  • Drive to Portland and spend some time at Powell's Books.

I think this is pretty ambitious since I have already donated the first four days of my spring break to being at the Oregon State FFA Convention. There is nothing like a few days spent with energized, top level FFA members to remember why you do the job.

Check back after spring break to see what got done.

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  1. Yeah....good luck with all that lol. I think you're missing you "break" part in Spring Break.