25 Things I want

Part of the 'Conversational Skills' seminar included making a list of 25 Thing I want. This is different than a bucket list... and has less specifics than a truly developed goal list.

Here is my unedited 25:

1 Keep the blog going for a whole year
2 Be the aunt my nieces and nephews can count on
3 Visit Ireland and Australia
4 Find a fella to share my life with
5 Write a book
6 Be debt free
7 Read 35 books a year, every year
8 Finish the scrapbooks I have started
9 Stay in one job for 7 years
10 Spend a day with just my brother and my sister
11 Hit my goal weight
12 Attend an NFL game
13 Learn to play the mandolin well
14 See live music twice a year
15 Learn to cook
16 Be happy
17 See the beach once a year
18 Continue to stay connected to those folks in life I consider mentors
19 Either parent/adopt or mentor a child
20 Buy a home
21 Find a church home again
22 Ride a Double-decker bus in London
23 See a lava flow and a waterfall in the same day
24 See the Grand Canyon
25 Visit all 50 States

What item(s) on this list surprise you? What should be on this list that isn't? What's on my list that is also on your list (maybe we could do it together!)?


  1. Your # 3 is definitely on my list!! And maybe when you do that one you can work in #4.. :)

  2. I should share my list with you... We actually have quite a few of the same things listed. Remind me. I would love to share my 'Axtell' list with you.