Happy Birthday Emily

April 29th will be the third birthday of my niece Emily Ann - my brother's oldest daughter. I haven't been around for Emily's birthday yet. In fact, I got a voice mail during my ANOVA class to let me know she had been born. (My little brother was stationed at Ft. Drum at the time so the whole family was at a distance for that one). Late April is a tough time on the academic calendar, but perhaps one day I will be around to celebrate her birth. Until then, I mail presents and hope that she remembers me the next time I see her. 

I think my favorite thing about Emily is her range of faces. You always know what this child is thinking/feeling because it is all over her face. I can relate. See some of my favorites (of those captured on film) in the collage below (click on it to make it larger). Happy Birthday Emily Ann!

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