The Big Easy

The Big Easy. NOLA. Nawlins. New Orleans.Call it what you will.... I will call it fabulous. I was there Friday 8th-Tuesday 12th for the American Educational Research Conference (AERA).
I had never been before and I am definitely planning on going back. Quite honestly... the city had me won over when I got off the plane at 8:30 in the morning and it was 75 degrees and sunny. I had to buy sunscreen to keep from getting a sunburn as I walked around the French Quarter.

I taught class on Thursday, went home, packed a bag, drove to Portland and flew overnight to get to NOLA. As I arrived, It was too early to check into my hotel, but time for the conference to start so I freshened up, checked my bag with the front desk and caught the shuttle to the French Quarter. Once there, I started to grasp just how big this conference really is... and it is the closest I will get to being herded like cattle. From the time I walked in the door, there were people directing me to escalators, from escalators to registration, and back out the door. I got the program (AKA the phone book) and a name badge and was standing back on the street in under 10 minutes. Now what?

Seriously, the program was about the same size as the Greater New Orleans Phone Book. I took a photo just so you would believe me. I spent a good bit of time plotting my plan of attack to see everything I wanted to see (and stalk all of the people I cite!). I may have been overly ambitious because I made myself some pretty long days. It was great.

I found Bourbon Street.

I went to Cafe Du Monde. Sipped some Cafe Au Lait and enjoy a delicious beignet:) just for my friend Claire. It was amazing. I also had pecan flavored coffee on Canal Street!

I walked around the French Quarter and had drinks with James Anderson. We bought Hand Grenades (strongest drinks in the Quarter) from this little hole-in-the-wall shop. Good times.

I Saw Jackson Square Park with its old cathedral. The "French Quarter Festival" was going on so there was live music and crowds. It was great.

Here are some other images snapped from around NOLA.

I did walk around a little on Monday morning after the crowd had left. It was hot. It was trash day and the whole area kinda smelled like hot steaming garbage.

It is still a great town! I will be back NOLA.

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