Sometimes a weekend...

Sometimes a weekend is just a weekend. I had grand plans for this weekend that would have been followed by a fabulous blog post about the amazing Oregon-like things I did with my weekend. Instead, this was one of those veg-around-the-house-wearing-your-pajamas-nearly-all-day kinda weekends.

I went to a Corvallis Knights game on Friday night with some friends. It was a great time. Saturday morning I rolled out of bed and drove across town to weigh-in at a Weight-watchers meeting. I weighed in, but didn't stay for the actual meeting. I ate a breakfast bar and back to bed I went - for 5 more hours. I got up long enough to run to the grocery store and find something for lunch/dinner. After eating, it was some DVR on the couch and an early bedtime.

Sunday was a virtual repeat. My grand plans went out the window. I did make it to my dinner & documentary group (we had dessert instead of dinner and it was a movie instead of a documentary - but who's counting?) but I was in bed less than 20 minutes after the movie ended.

I guess my body needed sleep more than it needed an entertaining Oregon weekend. Maybe next weekend.

Currently Craving: fabulous Columbia, MO food (I am making a list of places I want to visit in a few weeks)
Currently Reading: Cutting for Stone as my entertainment book and Jesus Calling as my daily devotional (Thanks Betsy!)
Currently Planning: to check some more things off my Summer Bucket List

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