Couldn't care less....

I saw a post a while back on BryanAllain.com called 21 Things I Couldn't Care Less About

Here is his list:
1…what the school board voted to do last week.
2…which of my friends have recently changed their Facebook avatar.
3…the new cast of Dancing with the Stars.
4…anything that involves the phrase ‘APR Financing’.
5…the score from last night’s WNBA game.
6…which celebrity wore it best.
7…how loud your motorcycle is.
8…whether you’re on Team Jacob or Team Edward.
9…your proficiency in whatever first-person shooter game is the flavor of the month.
10…what Lady Gaga is or isn’t wearing
11…the correct pronunciation of that word I just mispronounced.
12…the weight loss secret doctors don’t want me to know about.
13…why you won’t watch LOST.
14…who put the bop in the bop she bop she bop.
15…how much you drank last weekend.
16…what they talked about on The View this morning.
17…how much research your stock trading software allows me to do.
19…which state won Miss USA.
20…the price of tea in China.
21…anything Keith Olberman or Bill O’Reilly has said in the last 100 years

I agree with most of his list, but it got me thinking: What are the things that I couldn't care less about? Here are my additions...

What Lindsay Lohan has done.
Who let the dogs out?
My horoscope.
Any celebrity and their 'love' children...this means you, too Arnold Schwarzenegger.
The size of your carbon footprint.
Your score on any Facebook game.
Who won a Tony Award?
Any of the 'Real Housewives' of any city, anywhere
The latest research study that says coffee is bad. I am going to drink it anyway.
The latest research study that says coffee is good. I am going to drink it anyway.
Royal weddings.
Al Gore.

What else should be on this list?

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