My upstairs neighbors

I live in an apartment. In fact, I have been there just over a year now. For the first year, there was a tiny girl and her occasional boyfriend who lived upstairs. I am assuming she was tiny. Either that or she levitated rather than walking on the floor because I rarely heard her up there. I know three other things about her: She played the flute, she ate lots of things that needed to be chopped on a cutting board between 5-6pm, and her boyfriend slept over on Sunday evenings (don't ask me how I know that last one). If it had not been for those things, I would have assumed the apartment above me was vacant. Apparently, she moved out in July.

Fast forward to two weekends ago when I got new upstairs neighbors.

If noise level is any indication, they a band of overweight, tap dancers and they have a small child who is required to run from one end of the apartment to the other every 4 minutes.

I miss my levitating, fruit-chopping, flute player.

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