I spent Saturday at Honeyman State Park in Florence, Oregon. My Grad and Career group was camping Friday to Sunday and, well, I don't camp. So, I got up at 6am on Saturday, grabbed some Starbucks and made the 2 hour trek south to meet them. We spent some time around the morning campfire and then decided we would try the beach. They have done these camp outs for years. And, every year they go to the beach. And, apparently, the weather rarely cooperates. 

This year was definitely an exception. Check out the views from the tops of the dunes.

I picked this spot to sit and enjoy the waves. Gorgeous! Thanks for cooperating, Oregon.

After the beach, we had sandwiches and hiked around the park and lake for a while and came back to camp in time to enjoy some camp stove fajitas. I then made the trek back to Corvallis (with my friend Kim along for the ride). I got to spend the day on the beach and in a State park and still sleep in my own bed. A good time.... and no sleeping on the ground :-)

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  1. Gorgeous day! Glad you were able to enjoy some coastal time.