Are you catching "The Deadliest Catch"?

Last summer, I was in the midst of a house hunt and scraping my pennies together. I had given up the fancy cable package with the DVR in favor of the local channel package. Oddly enough, the local channels included all the ones you would expect (PBS, CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC) and Discovery Channel. I tuned in one night to watch this show that looked like nothing else. It was dark skies, neon rain gear, bobbing ships on tossing seas and... crab.

I was watching a show about crab fishing. Really?

And my niece (who was in town visiting at the time) was not thrilled with my viewing choice.

Since then, I have dug into the show. I have watched every episode twice (Thanks Netflix). I wasn't surprised to learn that the show has won an Emmy. When I mention this show to friends, I am surprised to find out how many of them are fans as well.

I know more about crab fishing than any mainland girl should.

I definitely have favoritesEdgar, Johnathan and Andy, Mike, Lenny, and of course Jake Anderson.

I definitely have some I dislike. I cringe any time Elliott Neese is on the screen. I am not a fan. It is a different feeling with Keith of the Wizard - he frustrates me to watch.

If you aren't watching, season 9 premiers April 16 on Discovery Channel. See the promo here.

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