The story of my mom and her sisters

This is my mom with her sisters. (My mom is seated on the couch in the long sleeves).

They call themselves "The Sisters." They are the nine daughters of Homer and Martha Childers.

You cannot understand my mom without knowing that she is one of the Childers Girls.

In fact, my mom is the baby. There was already a houseful when she arrived.

  In birth order (from the bottom of the stairs to the top), these are my aunts: Susie, Orene, Jearldine, Linda, Maxine, Betty, Joyce, and Sally. (My mom was celebrating Christmas with animal print. I love the statement!) And, they do love to line up in order.

This is my mom (the little one) with Linda and Sally. Notice the houses in the background.
They grew up in a mill town. In fact, my mom grew up just around the corner from my dad. And my mom and dad just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last August. 

My mom's birthday is Sunday, April 7. Happy Birthday Mom! I love you.

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