Why I "find time" to blog

I made my first attempt at blogging when I moved to Oregon as a way to make a record of my adventures.

The pace of starting the Assistant Professor job is, well, hectic, but I was communicating with my family in a format that was not continent upon us both being awake in the same time zone. It was joyous. It is going to be an amazing "journal" to flip through years down the road when the memories from this time in my life have faded.

But, then it happened...the naysayers.

The "oh, it is so cute that you have time to blog" or "you must not be as busy as the rest of us" or "I would love to just write for fun, but I have to write for work."

And suddenly I  found myself doing perfectly "bloggable" things, but I just couldn't make time to write them up and hit publish. It doesn't make the experiences less because I didn't write about them.

However, I have learned that blogging is a creative outlet for me.

The process of sitting down to compose a post.
The polishing of the writing.
The joy of actually getting someone to comment!
The fun of chatting about the posts with friends.

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  1. I love that you blog, it makes you feel closer to home. I enjoy reading it. Love you Your sister