Emily Turning Five

 I received a voice mail from my brother while I was sitting in an ANOVA course at the University of Missouri.. It was April 29, 2008.

Emily Ann Lambert had arrived. 19.5 inches long. 7lbs 9oz.

She was born while my brother was stationed at Fort Drum in New York State so even if I had not been in graduate school, I still would not have been there for her birth. I didn't meet Miss Emily until she was a month old. I have never been around for her birthday. That is just the nature of the academic calendar.

I was around to watch her baptism and am proud that she is being raised in a church community.

She has grown into a young child with determination and a mind of her own.

She knows what she wants - even when that is daddy's police shoes. Seriously - just ask her. She will tell you. Lots of personality.

She is the older sister - but not by much. (She will be turning 5 while Katie is 3.5 years old and Kinsley just turned 2 in February).

She loves Hello Kitty. And has my mom buying anything with Hello Kitty on it. I think her grandma loves her more than anyone!

She thinks any red shirt is"Pawpaw's shirt" (because my dad loves NCSU so much). I think it is rubbing off.

She has my heart.

Where does the time go?

Happy 5th birthday Emily Ann!

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