I missed Utah

I don't miss Utah, but in the hustle of OSU's spring term, conference season and the summer rush, I missed posting about it here. I was there for the annual national conference of the American Association of Agricultural Educators (AAAE). We move the conference around the regions. Last year it was in Columbus, OH and next year it is in San Antonio, TX. The conference was fairly typical as academic conferences go. Research presentations. Research posters. Committee meetings. Luncheons. Speakers. Business meetings.

Utah, however, offered some amazing views. I flew into Utah directly from the wedding in Jamaica. That was an adjustment.

I woke up to this:

And went to bed next to this:

They did get us lift tickets - not to ski. We just rode up ...and back down the mountain to take the views.

The view was amazing - and once I could feel my legs again, totally worth it. 
Have I mentioned I am terrified of heights? 

We were able to choose our afternoon tour and instead of heading to downtown Salt Lake, I chose to head over to Park City. Our first stop was the Olympic Park. 

This area was used for many of the events when Salt Lake hosted the winter Olympic games. Now, it is a sprawling complex of training facilities. 

And, when there is no snow in Utah, you downhill ski into a swimming pool. Yup. A pool.

After our tour of Olympic park, we were able to tool around downtown Park City for while.

We found an eclectic place to eat a burger and have a beer. I say eclectic in case you couldn't tell by the Bison head and the random photo of a blonde woman behind my friend Jon.

And then there was this Moose in boots and cowboy hat - Why not? 

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